Photo Caption: 2016; Members of the collective at Charis Books & More in Atlanta; L to R: S. Andrea Allen, Claudia Moss, Krystal Smith, Lauren Cherelle

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Book Review: Home Girls: A Black Feminist Anthology
I still don’t know how they pulled it off. A white lesbian and a black gay male selected a book written for, about, and written primarily by black lesbian… Read more.

Book Review: Here Comes the Sun
So much can be said about Here Comes the Sun, a story that weaves beautifully written prose through the ugliness of colorism, religion, racism, homophobia… Read more.

Book Review: I Am Your Sister: Collected and Unpublished Writings of Audre Lorde
Every once in a while, we’ll feature a non-fiction Black lesbian text. This is our first offering. Read more.

Book Review: Blue Talk & Love
As soon as this book was released I knew I had to have it. Stories about Black queer women written by a Black queer woman? Read more.

Book Review: The Gilda Stories
It is rare to find a novel that reflects vampires of color, vampires who are women, or vampires who are same gender loving. Read more…

Book Review: The Next Girl and Other Lesbian Tales
An eclectic short story collection with a little something for everyone. Read more.



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